Liz Miller lived her life in the service of others through her work in youth ministry and in her community – bringing light and encouragement through acts of kindness, clearly showing the power of a simple act.

 Notes of encouragement written to friends, a stranger's coffee bought for them, a fresh batch of cookies left on a neighbor's doorstep, balloons and flowers delivered to a struggling middle school student – all these are examples of “Liz things.”

 Liz understood the power of a kind word spoken. She knew the impact for good that could be made through simple, thoughtful deeds. Her passion was infectious. Countless people who were touched by her love have continued to pay her gifts forward . . . a phenomenon that sparked the Do a Liz Thing movement. 

Though Epilepsy ended Liz’s time on earth and our hearts ache with our missing her, we endeavor to carry on with the same energy, love, and spirit of giving she exhibited freely each day. We want to share her story and grow Do a Liz Thing to a global movement.

We invite you to explore this site and learn more about Liz, her life, and her mission to brighten the world one small act at a time. And if it speaks to you, we invite you to share the Do a Liz Thing movement with your community. We believe that anyone can be a part of this movement, and there are thousands of ways to participate. You can find some ideas on the Resources page for ways to get started, and we encourage you to "pay it forward" in other ways that feel authentic to you. 

Liz's life on Earth was short, but her contributions were inspiring and potent. Our mission now is to continue making a difference in the world through intentional acts of kindness that bring a bit of joy and caring to the lives of those around us.  Actions that are universal in their simplicity. Acts that would make Liz smile in delight.

Join the movement by bettering the world with a simple gift. Buy a coffee, help a stranger, share a compliment. There is magic in small acts of kindness.


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